Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Tyres? My title post has nothing to with my outfit. You know sometimes at some point of your life, you face unfortunate events within a short period. In my case, I had 2 flat tyres in 3 days. One night, I had a happy birthday dinner with a dear friend and drove back home. It was already past 12 when suddenly I heard insignificant sounds coming from outside, and I thought it was definitely coming from my car. I knew what's wrong (even though I hope it was not what I thought it would be) and pulled off at a bus stop nearby my place. I came down from my car and there it was, a flat and pretty damaged tyre (I took a while before I get to pull off). Often I find myself caught in situations like these but fortunately for me, I have friends nearby who came to rescue me! My BIG and SINCERE thanks to Joshua & Keith! It took only 15 mins. If I were to do it, it will take forever... I changed to a new tyre the next day.

Then the next two days, I was on my way to a photo shoot for work, I wasn't familiar with the location so I was constantly eye on my phone's google map and I went into a pot hole. At that very moment, I was just waiting for it to happen again, to hear that particular sound but to my surprise, I still drove like normal. Somehow I knew I have to change my tyre again, so I drove to the nearest workshop. Oh well, as expected, the tyre's inner tube is punctured, and if I don’t change it, it will blow any time. Not that I have a choice – so I bought a new tyre again.

This is what I wore on my second unfortunate event.

What I wore:
Black top, unknown
Mum's skirt, yeap she sew it
Black belt, unknown
Mum's clogs
Avon bag
Avon necklace
Avon men's watch
Earing bought from The Curve flea market

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