Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Wonder How, I Wonder Why...

Hi guys, I'm back. Sorry for the lack of posting. Went holiday for about ten days and I'm back to work. Holiday was relaxing and very laid back. Catching with old friends are so much fun! I miss Mei Ling though.... Oh, I'm back. Oh I begin to miss another man... Josh! Hhmmm... Anyway, these are some pictures of how I keep my accessories. How do you store them? Do share some good tips.
My Treasure Box

You guys seen this before in my previous posts but i've not updated some of my new buyings. Oh well, heck it.

All my bracelets colletion. Box was given from Alice and Shereen. Miss them...

Oh well, it seems like I'm missing a lot of people. Oh, damn I really miss all of them... seriously.

Miss Head Over Heels

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Big Smile

My beloved youngest sister has the biggest smile and laugh in my family... i mean it literally... LOL. She's like the Sun in the family, brightens up our day.

She has a great sense of style. I learnt from her a lot. :)

Isn't she sweet and cute? Love you...

Dress - Unknown
Shoe - Grendha
Belt - Unknown
Miss Head Over Heels