Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tun Mahathir

I had a last minute event that I need to attend and guess what? I had the chance to see Tun Mahathir in person. He looks 20 years younger than his age. I wonder what's his secret?

The theme of the night was Blue but I was wearing bright lime green. Haha!

What I wore:
Lime green top, sewed by my mum
Zara black skirt
Mum's clog heels
Redrum Necklace
Quartz watch
Snake skin bracelet, bought at KLIA airport 
Zara leather belt
Avon black handbag (lovely, huh)

Monday, October 29, 2012


Had this tutu skirt and wanted to explore with it.

What I wore:
MNG Black Top
Zara tutu skirt
Mary Jane pumps from one of the boutiques at Sg Wang
Belt, stole from my friend, Li Hua (she left it at my house)
Avon necklace
Avon earings
Quartz watch

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meow Meow

Special feature story. Introducing Meow.
This little creature was wondering aimlessly in front of our home one day and caught my housemate's attention. One fine night, my housemate, Wai Ling, and I were trying to catch the poor little kitten. It took awhile because he was hiding in the bush but we finally caught him. 

After weeks of failing to get someone to adopt him, we decided to adopt him as we bond so well with him. He is so adorable. He is adored by all my housemates and my sister, Fong. And we are so used to call him Meow, we naturally named him Meow.

On the first night, we place him in a plastic container so that he will not escape. But failed, it jumped. Silly me!

So we place him at our laundry area. Look at his terrified face.

Getting cozy on our couch.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


This outfit may be familiar because I wore this to my friend's wedding which I mentioned earlier. But since I've not really feature the whole outfit in different angle so I decided to re-shoot the look.

Make up was simpler this time, some of my colleagues thought that I didn't put on make up. I also tried to do centre parting hair but it doesn't look like it's centre though.  

Oh goodness, that perut (tummy) again!

What I wore:
Pink top bought from Madam Chong at Setia Alam pasar malam
Long black mermaid skirt bought from Daniel at Amcorp Mall
Avon gold single leaf necklace
Avon bracelets (they are covered with the top's sleeve, but still can see them subtlely)
Zara pink peep toes

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Quick post on what I wore for my company's dinner themed Hawaiian Night. Instead of a flowery dress, I go with an ocean blue colored outfit with some matching accessories.

What I wore:
Blue dress bought at one of the stalls at Mydin, Subang
White crop top sewed by my mum
Flower clip and blue bracelet bought from flea market
Avon earings
Avon necklace
Avon rings
Ipanema Gisele Bundchen water sandal collection

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Centre Action: Game On!

Based on my previous posts, some of you may noticed that I have loads of Avon accessories. That is because I am working for Avon currently. I don't want to speak so much on work, it can be boring but it will explain a little why am I wearing a tee that has "Centre Action" wording. It is because recently we've launched a men's fragrance product, named Centre Action and collaborated with Malaysia's current best football striker, Safee Sali. That is how I got the tee. 

Anyway, instead of just wearing the normal style of jeans and t-shirt, I style it up with a dress and of course, accessories. I have a pair of matching colored shoes to go with it too.

Look at my perut (tummy)!!!

Yup, this is how I take my pictures. I do not own a DSLR camera yet but hopefully soon.

Many may find it hard to accept such colors because have to think of outfits to go with it. But I think otherwise.

What I wore:
Avon Centre Action tee
Green dress bought from one of the boutiques at Sungei Wang
Zara lime green peep toes
Avon crystal necklace
Snake skin loop earings from flea market
Diamond cross hand bracelet, a birthday gift from a friend, Ally
Levis watch

Monday, October 22, 2012

Vintage Meets Contemporary

I love to accessorize my outfit. I do find myself over- accesorized sometimes. Today, I will focus on one great piece and let it shine.

When I was wearing this outfit, I received a comment from one of my colleagues that somehow my outfit speaks english vintage. I've always love vintage stuff and perhaps it really shows in my style however I would also mix my outfit with a modern touch

Vintage design neklace that can also function as a brooch. I love dual function accessories.

Look at how the color changes at different angle, such a unique stone.

This ring compliments the necklace.


What I wore:
Cat Whiskers white blouse
Mum's vintage skirt (I especially love this skirt because it is sewed by my mum. She has such a big talent in sewing & possess a great taste as well)
Zara yellow belt
Quartz vintage watch, a precious gift
Avon jewelled ring
Avon gold necklace/ brooch
Mustard shoe bought at Tropicana City Mall

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Brother's Shirt

Feel like wearing a little more formal than usual. This shirt was abandoned by my brother, so I stole it from him. Why waste such a nice piece of shirt.

Just add some accessories to make it not so guy-ish. Also decided to comb my hair back and tie a pony tail to make the whole look neater.

What I wore:
Men's shirt, forgot what brand though
Zara pencil skirt
Zara leather belt
Flower brooch, no idea where from
Martina Pink leapord pumps
Bebe "not-so-gold-anymore" necklace
Hair band, no idea where from because it's my sister's

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My First Feature

You have probably seen this outfit at my friend's blog - But I consider this as my first outfit post here. Hope you like it.

What I wore:
MNG black top
Zara flare black skirt 
Red belt bought from flea market
Bebe necklace
Avon brooch
Bag from flea market