Monday, October 22, 2012

Vintage Meets Contemporary

I love to accessorize my outfit. I do find myself over- accesorized sometimes. Today, I will focus on one great piece and let it shine.

When I was wearing this outfit, I received a comment from one of my colleagues that somehow my outfit speaks english vintage. I've always love vintage stuff and perhaps it really shows in my style however I would also mix my outfit with a modern touch

Vintage design neklace that can also function as a brooch. I love dual function accessories.

Look at how the color changes at different angle, such a unique stone.

This ring compliments the necklace.


What I wore:
Cat Whiskers white blouse
Mum's vintage skirt (I especially love this skirt because it is sewed by my mum. She has such a big talent in sewing & possess a great taste as well)
Zara yellow belt
Quartz vintage watch, a precious gift
Avon jewelled ring
Avon gold necklace/ brooch
Mustard shoe bought at Tropicana City Mall

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