Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Centre Action: Game On!

Based on my previous posts, some of you may noticed that I have loads of Avon accessories. That is because I am working for Avon currently. I don't want to speak so much on work, it can be boring but it will explain a little why am I wearing a tee that has "Centre Action" wording. It is because recently we've launched a men's fragrance product, named Centre Action and collaborated with Malaysia's current best football striker, Safee Sali. That is how I got the tee. 

Anyway, instead of just wearing the normal style of jeans and t-shirt, I style it up with a dress and of course, accessories. I have a pair of matching colored shoes to go with it too.

Look at my perut (tummy)!!!

Yup, this is how I take my pictures. I do not own a DSLR camera yet but hopefully soon.

Many may find it hard to accept such colors because have to think of outfits to go with it. But I think otherwise.

What I wore:
Avon Centre Action tee
Green dress bought from one of the boutiques at Sungei Wang
Zara lime green peep toes
Avon crystal necklace
Snake skin loop earings from flea market
Diamond cross hand bracelet, a birthday gift from a friend, Ally
Levis watch

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