Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meow Meow

Special feature story. Introducing Meow.
This little creature was wondering aimlessly in front of our home one day and caught my housemate's attention. One fine night, my housemate, Wai Ling, and I were trying to catch the poor little kitten. It took awhile because he was hiding in the bush but we finally caught him. 

After weeks of failing to get someone to adopt him, we decided to adopt him as we bond so well with him. He is so adorable. He is adored by all my housemates and my sister, Fong. And we are so used to call him Meow, we naturally named him Meow.

On the first night, we place him in a plastic container so that he will not escape. But failed, it jumped. Silly me!

So we place him at our laundry area. Look at his terrified face.

Getting cozy on our couch.

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