Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mission Possible

Anyone who personally knows me knew that I have always been plum and chubby. I've been reminded by my family countless times to eat healthy and lose some weight. I am known with my stubborn and lazy attitude. Nevertheless, I stay positive and live a happy life.

Yesterday, I weighed myself and I gasped. Most women fear to reveal their weight but I have to put my ego aside and accept the reality. The reality is I am much fatter now over the years of yoyo weights and unhealthy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I am just an ordinary girl who wants to look pretty but not look pretty skinny.  

To cut my story short, my mission now is to lose some weight, at least 15 kg to be exact. So I decided to start blogging again. I figured if I blog my weekly style, I would be more encouraged to lose more weight. Does that make any sense at all? And hopefully, I can inspire others as well.

Oh well, my journey begins here.

Not only the number affected me, the pig image somehow matched the mood

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