Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stack, Stack & Stack

Top to bottom
Cap – Reebok
Fedora Hat – Jonker’s Street, Malacca
Fedora Hat – Jonker’s Street, Malacca
Straw Hat – Daiso
Straw Hat – Jonker’s Street, Malacca
Black Bag – bebe
Maroon, Snake Skin Bag – Perllini (a gift from my beloved friends - WL, WY, LH & Mon)
Black Bag – Reebok
Floral Bag – Unknown (A gift from my father. Actually, I took it from him by force.)
Blue Bag – Aldo

This is how I keep some of my hats and bags. I have insufficient space to store most of my stuff. Somewhere in future, if I ever buy a house of my own, I’ll make sure that there will be a walked in closet (hopefully, a room size that can fit 3 adult elephants). *laughs*

Unfortunately, my stuff is not getting any lesser, so I have to figure out something creative to keep them. But for now, I will just stack, stack and stack.

Miss Head Over Heel

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pink, Is My New Obsession…

Floral Wedge – Martina Pink

I had been eyeing on this wedges for “God knows how long”. When they were finally on discounts, I jumped off my feet and brought them home! The floral print is just perfect for a summer look. Plain or lesser detail dresses are just the right thing for these wedges.

Oh, that’s my bed. Will I freak you guys out if I say that I sleep with my new heels sometimes? I'm not kidding. *giggle*

And… and Aerosmith Rocks!

Miss Head Over Heel

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Smelly Cat

Gladiator Heels - Vincci

Look at the details… Big, big thanks to Monica, I’m able to put up these beautiful photographed pictures of my gorgeous heels. They are so bright and clear. Wow!

These heels go with almost any outfit. Nothing much I can say except to just admire them.

Thanks again and love you, Mon.

Miss Head Over Heel

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Molly Knows Best!

Thick Strappy Green Heels – Vincci
Straw Hat – Jonker’s Street, Malacca

Ever since I moved out from my home town for further studies, I hardly have time shopping with my mum. Even if she nagged me all the time that I shop a lot, I still enjoy her company during our visits to the shopping malls. For over 7 years, she would drive down occasionally to visit Sabrina and me. We will have some small fights and miscommunications whenever she’s around but that’s just the way we are.

So, she’s up visiting one day and I was trying pairs and pairs of heels in Vincci Boutique. When I slipped on to this, my mum said “This is the best. Just take this!” Whether she was fed up with the waitings or this is really the best, I finally took her words and bought them. Hence, I didn’t want to mess up with her if I buy something else that she’s not keen of. With a slight doubt on my head, I just convinced myself that it is ok to pay something that my mum likes. My mum’s taste is easy. As long as the heels have thick straps that hold your front feet well, that’s a good buy. Well, I have to give it to her sometimes. Yeap, she’s right. The thick straps really hold well and serve me well too. But… I think they would look better with platforms at the front with higher heels. I’m obsessed with high, high heels!

For mum’s sake, I still adore them. I love you, mum.

Miss Head Over Heel

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fedora's Era

Fedora Hat – Jonker’s Street, Malacca

“The word fedora comes from the title of an 1882 play by Victorien Sardou, Fédora, written for Sarah Bernhardt. The play was first performed in the U.S. in 1889. Sarah played Princess Fédora, the heroine of the play, and she wore a hat similar to a fedora. The fedora became a female fashion which lasted into the early part of the twentieth century. When the fedora became a male fashion, it was popular in cities for its stylishness, ability to protect the wearer's head from the wind and weather, and the fact that it could be rolled up when not in use. (Richard Davy, of New York, claimed to be its first male wearer.) Since the early part of the 20th century, many Haredi and other Orthodox Jews have worn black fedoras and continue to this day.” – Wikipedia

So, women were the first species to wear fedoras.

I was on holiday with my college friends (Ivan, Voon, Ruby, Ray, Wai Keong & Kok Peng) in Malacca, the historical town. We had so much fun together. It’s been a while since we had a holiday together… wait… wait… wait… No, Malacca trip was our first time. Jonker’s street is full of surprises and hats. Almost every stall sells hats! Fedora hats to be precise. Can’t resist for not having one, so I got two! *wink*

Fedora Hat – Jonker’s Street, Malacca

Miss Head Over Heel

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wonderful Tonight

Silver Heels – Vincci

I just realized that I have quite a number of heels with bows. I didn’t take notice of them until I shot them myself. Wow! I’m crazy. Secretly somehow, I like heels with bows. And I think I know who did this to me. Mei Ling love bows. She owns blouses with bows, bags with bows, head band with bows and heels with bows. She loves her bows. A true “bow” girl indeed. Her extreme bows style somehow gets into me.

Ok, this pair is elegant. The silver smooth texture of the heels and the bows with tiny studded rhinestones are pleasing to the eyes. I always wear them with dinner dresses. Oh yea, ML has the same pair in black. (Hmm...) Oh, what’s getting into us?

Miss Head Over Heel

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Maroon Snake Skin Heels – Martina Pink
Elephant – Ryan
Elephant Printed Long Cushion – Unknown

Snake skin heels again… This is not as rugged as the other python skin heels (that's more like a Rocker Chick style!) but the color caught my attention. This pair of heels will add a fashion statement in a corporate outfit, from dresses to pencil skirts to slacks to puffy blouses. Mei Ling was with me when I got them. I was contemplating between Maroon and Black. Finally, Maroon won the battle of colors. I don’t need too many blacks anyway.

Oh people, meet Ryan!

Miss Head Over Heel

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Red Color Heels - Studio

Red color heels never fail to attract me. I tried them on and they looked so pretty. Look at the red bow. Aren’t they cute? I was with Jason (the one that tricked me buying this pair and another… and another…sigh…) when I got them.

I have a hand full of skirts and dresses in mind to go with these heels. They will go well with a plain white skirt with a normal top, checked skirts (aaahhh… reminds me of ROKH’s new skirt, so cute!) and floral dresses. I can also fold the straight cut jeans or wear capri pants to show them off. I just love to show off beautiful heels by folding a long jeans or pants. Besides, folding jeans will give you a rugged look.

Gold Peep-toe with Bow Heels – Nine West
Black Lamp – IKEA (Sadly, the lamp is not functioning anymore. And look at the dust. Looks like it’s time to clean up, girl!)

Thanks to Jason, this is my 2nd pair that I bought on the same day. The moment I paid for this pair, I exchanged the heels that I wore to this. Haha! I wore a black skinny with a black wool top.

Maroon, White Polka Dots Heels – Martina Pink
Straw Hat – Daiso (such an adorable hat)

My 3rd pair of that day was this cute Maroon, White Polka dots with cute little bows at the front. This pair goes oh-so well with the Straw Hat.

Yes, I know… This is also another heel that I bought the same day with bows at the front. Silly me. But trust me they are all different - Color: 1 Red, 1 Gold, 1 Maroon. 1 normal slip on heel, 1 peep-toe & covered, 1 with buckle at the back. Even the bows are different for all three (Excuses, excuses… you just can’t stop a lady from shopping).

Hey, Happy 09/09/09! Wow, it's a good date to post something.

Miss Head Over Heels

Monday, September 7, 2009

bebe love, my bebe love

My first bebe bag. *wink*

Black Leather Bag – bebe
Red Bra – Unknown (inspired by my sister's idea *wink*)
Other Hanging Items – Towel, Skirt, Sling Bag

You can spot a lady wearing bebe easily. People turn heads!!! The dresses, skirts, tops, pants and jeans compliment every woman’s curves. Ok, I know I supposed to post about the bag but I just can’t help it. I want to introduce bebe’s line of clothes because I really love them. bebe is definitely one of my favorite brands. In my future posts, I will show you some dresses that I bought from bebe. They are spectacular!

I bought this bag in a rare situation for most people out there but in a familiar place that I always dread to go. I know I’m talking in riddle. Well, what I really mean is I bought this bag for a really good price. It looks fine from the picture, but the actual fact is, there’s a slight defect at the handle. That didn’t bother me. Other than that, the bag is excellent for show!

Miss Head Over Heel

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Go Bananas!

Yellow Heels – Nose
Gas Cylinder – BHPetrol

Yes, people. It’s not a trick, it’s not photoshop effect and it’s definitely not fake. It’s a real gas cylinder in my kitchen. I was thinking something yellow to shoot with the heels. And when I walked to the kitchen, the bright yellow cylinder caught my eyes!

Don’t they look like some bananas hanging?

I bought this pair of heels with a discount from a friend who works at Nose. Wai Ling (my close friend who has a good sense of Fashion) spotted the banana heels first. I didn’t quite like it at first but when I saw Wai Ling parading the heels up and down the boutique, I was thinking “Hey hey, they are not bad at all!”. I did every fashion lover would do (I think?), I tried them on and brought them home. A very sensible choice for a fashion lover… (I think?) WL got the same pair.
I love them with straight/ skinny jeans along with graphic tees. I would wear a brown floral dress with them too. If you want variety, mix and match will do the trick. And I have a yellow pair of earrings that go bananas with these heels… Yes, I just said it. GO BANANAS!!!

Yellow Earrings – Igloo Boutique

Miss Head Over Heel

Friday, September 4, 2009

I Feel Like Dancing

Stilettos with Lacy Ribbons – Vincci
Beanie Bags – Unknown, Mon’s & Ling’s
Coffee Table – Unknown, bought it long time ago and it is falling apart

I bought this pair during sales. The ribbons are appealing and they look good with skirts and dresses. The color is just right. Don’t you think that they kind of remind you of ballerina?

After I took this picture, Sabrina, my little sister gave me a brilliant idea on how to make it more interesting. She suggested that I should have thrown in a lacy bra for the background. Not a bad idea but I was just too lazy to re-shoot the picture. So this will do, I think. (I mean seriously, it looks ok right?)

Miss Head Over Heels

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lollipop Anyone?

Lollipop Wedge – Stephanie
From top left to bottom
Thin Steel, Maroon Bracelet – A gift from my ex-boss bought from Bangkok, Thailand
Green Bracelet – A gift from Mon and Ling from Bangkok, Thailand
Multi-color Steel Bracelets – Massimo Dutti
Top right
Blue Bangle – A gift from Sabrina, My Little Sister
Butterfly Chocker – A gift from my college friends (Voon, Ruby, Kok Peng, Wai Keong)
(Phew… a mouth full of descriptions)

They remind me of lollipop candy. Colorful and sweet. Looking at the colors just made my day more colorful. This pair stood out among all the heels on the rack.

I was with Rachel Ooi aka ROKH (I converted her to a shopaholic). I surprised her with my buying habits (now? not anymore!). It was fun shopping with her. I threw her with my bizarre opinions in Fashion and it seems like she agrees with most of them. I would catch an example of a person amongst the random people in the mall and asked ROKH to look and compare my share of fashion sense. So there were times when I was just looking down at stranger’s feet. They are amusing. You’ll never know what you’ll catch.

Oh ya, did I mention that ROKH has the same pair? I influenced her (evil laugh). It was like a “At that moment” kind of thing. “I buy, you buy!” (Sounds more like a “Titanic” moment)

Miss Head Over Heels