Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stack, Stack & Stack

Top to bottom
Cap – Reebok
Fedora Hat – Jonker’s Street, Malacca
Fedora Hat – Jonker’s Street, Malacca
Straw Hat – Daiso
Straw Hat – Jonker’s Street, Malacca
Black Bag – bebe
Maroon, Snake Skin Bag – Perllini (a gift from my beloved friends - WL, WY, LH & Mon)
Black Bag – Reebok
Floral Bag – Unknown (A gift from my father. Actually, I took it from him by force.)
Blue Bag – Aldo

This is how I keep some of my hats and bags. I have insufficient space to store most of my stuff. Somewhere in future, if I ever buy a house of my own, I’ll make sure that there will be a walked in closet (hopefully, a room size that can fit 3 adult elephants). *laughs*

Unfortunately, my stuff is not getting any lesser, so I have to figure out something creative to keep them. But for now, I will just stack, stack and stack.

Miss Head Over Heel


  1. walk in closet!! me want too :) but kitchen comes first :P

  2. Lilee: Hi. I will feature it soon. :)

    rokh: You one silly girl. :)

  3. Stacking sounds like a great idea to me :o)

  4. deep_in_vogue: Yeap, stacking save a lot of space.

  5. Oh dear, you're like me, adore those wedges you bought!

  6. room is overflowing with clothes at the moment! It's a good thing I don't buy a lot of accessories; otherwise I might have to sleep in the living room!! xxoxoxoo

  7. wow you have a lot of great items ! love the fedora hats . haha . and i wish the same thing too . i want my closet to be big ! :D

  8. FASHIONconfectionairy: Haha. Hi. Thank you for the lovely comment. Come again!

    Fashion Cappuccino: Haha. Yea, I totally understand.

    beckyxoxo: We all do. Thanks for dropping by.

  9. I'd love a walk in closet!! I'd love your collection of hats too

    xoxo hope to hear from you !!
    looooove all ways,

  10. Hi. First of all, thanks for dropping by my blog. I've checked out your blog. LOVE IT! :) Come again!


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