Sunday, September 13, 2009


Maroon Snake Skin Heels – Martina Pink
Elephant – Ryan
Elephant Printed Long Cushion – Unknown

Snake skin heels again… This is not as rugged as the other python skin heels (that's more like a Rocker Chick style!) but the color caught my attention. This pair of heels will add a fashion statement in a corporate outfit, from dresses to pencil skirts to slacks to puffy blouses. Mei Ling was with me when I got them. I was contemplating between Maroon and Black. Finally, Maroon won the battle of colors. I don’t need too many blacks anyway.

Oh people, meet Ryan!

Miss Head Over Heel


  1. Those are gorgeous!!! I love them!!!

    P.S: Thanks alot for your comments on my blog, I hope that you will be back to comment soon!

  2. OK, i should buy them, i love snake-print!!



  3. Hi Katrina. If you ever find one of these, grab them quick! :)

  4. Hey Ms HOH,
    Hats-off to you! Maybe I should say, heels-off to you! ;)

    I really enjoy reading ur blog, the colorful pix & all your posts so far! Keep it up, gal!!

    Gosh, feel like getting myself a pair of new shoes suddenly!!

  5. Thanks, Su Wen. I'll try my best to write better posts. It's not easy to crack some silly jokes or experience. *laugh*

    Oh yeah, it's time to get a new pair!

  6. Hey. That's Ryan there! Thanks for featuring him. He's getting a bit lonely at the side for awhile now.

  7. Haha... You should take a walk with him sometimes.


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