Sunday, September 20, 2009

Molly Knows Best!

Thick Strappy Green Heels – Vincci
Straw Hat – Jonker’s Street, Malacca

Ever since I moved out from my home town for further studies, I hardly have time shopping with my mum. Even if she nagged me all the time that I shop a lot, I still enjoy her company during our visits to the shopping malls. For over 7 years, she would drive down occasionally to visit Sabrina and me. We will have some small fights and miscommunications whenever she’s around but that’s just the way we are.

So, she’s up visiting one day and I was trying pairs and pairs of heels in Vincci Boutique. When I slipped on to this, my mum said “This is the best. Just take this!” Whether she was fed up with the waitings or this is really the best, I finally took her words and bought them. Hence, I didn’t want to mess up with her if I buy something else that she’s not keen of. With a slight doubt on my head, I just convinced myself that it is ok to pay something that my mum likes. My mum’s taste is easy. As long as the heels have thick straps that hold your front feet well, that’s a good buy. Well, I have to give it to her sometimes. Yeap, she’s right. The thick straps really hold well and serve me well too. But… I think they would look better with platforms at the front with higher heels. I’m obsessed with high, high heels!

For mum’s sake, I still adore them. I love you, mum.

Miss Head Over Heel


  1. I just discovered your blog today! It's simply fabulous! Heels are a weakness of mine, from simple to eccentric and unique, I can't resist a good shoe! I'd love it if you checked out my blog and we can exchange links!

  2. They're gorgeous, but I wish the heel was little higher though those look a little too short for me =/

  3. Lovely heels! I love shopping with my mom!

    Great blog!

  4. gorgeous heels!
    thank you so much for the sweet comment! I absolutely love malaysia. I have been there a few times before to visit family. It's so fun there, lots of entertainment and shopping (i discovered Mango and Naf Naf there hehe) and the FOOD! omg so good! :)


  5. Very classic but still quirky, Nice!

  6. Frank&Rémy: Thanks. :)

    Jenny: I will check your blog out. No worries. Thank you for the fabulous comment.

    stilettolover91: I totally agree with you. I wanted it to be higher too!

    clairegrenade: Thank you for your comment!

    Dylana: Me too. Thanks!

    Natalie: Oh, you have a family here. Wow! Great! Yeah, Mango, Naf Naf and Food are awesome here!

    Harry McKinley: Hi, Harry. Thank you for dropping by.

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  8. Very beautiful shoes! I love the color! xoxoxo

  9. Fashion Cappuccino: Thanks babe! hugs...

  10. love the heels anyhow, gal! it's good to please ur mom sometimes, makes u happy to see her happy, rite? having said that, she's got good taste! ;)

  11. Thanks, Angie! It's true, what you just said. If she's happy, I'll be happy too. Hugs...


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