Thursday, October 25, 2012


This outfit may be familiar because I wore this to my friend's wedding which I mentioned earlier. But since I've not really feature the whole outfit in different angle so I decided to re-shoot the look.

Make up was simpler this time, some of my colleagues thought that I didn't put on make up. I also tried to do centre parting hair but it doesn't look like it's centre though.  

Oh goodness, that perut (tummy) again!

What I wore:
Pink top bought from Madam Chong at Setia Alam pasar malam
Long black mermaid skirt bought from Daniel at Amcorp Mall
Avon gold single leaf necklace
Avon bracelets (they are covered with the top's sleeve, but still can see them subtlely)
Zara pink peep toes

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