Friday, October 19, 2012

How Do I Really Look Like Currently?

Not many of you have seen the real me. To tell you the truth, the main reason I stopped blogging was mainly because I became bigger and bigger. Call me shallow but I was embarrassed with myself. However, I am rather comfortable with my loved ones - family & friends. And the big fat fact here is, they are the ones who care most about me and I could not be bothered until now. 

I may sound a little pessimistic here but if you get to know me a little more, I am in fact the happiest person you've ever encountered. So smile always... The world will smile with you.

This was taken early this year, somewhere in February by my cousin brother, Johnny Ong. I do not have many individual pictures, shy to take single pictures. Look at that double chin!


This was taken at my office on my birthday in August. They showered me some love, how sweet...

This is me at side view. I was at Wei Teing's wedding last September, my sweet friend I met during work. She looked beautiful that night. The one in the middle with the pink top is me. Behind me is Adeline Cheah, look how slim she is. And the one with the lovely back is May, I mentioned her earlier on her latest blog (check it out!) -

Now I am very determined to lose some weight. So, stay tune for my weekly fashion outfit alright! Cheers.

Miss Head Over Heels

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