Monday, November 12, 2012

Retro Oh Oh!

Decided to go retro at work. Had this dress for a really good bargain at Amcorp Mall. Have you been there during the weekend? The flea market rocks! You can find so many vintage, old and antique stuff such as potraits, knives, toys, plates, glasses, clothes, books, pens, drawings, magnets, oh gosh the list goes on and on. See it for yourself! Oh ya, I took the outdoor picture at Amcorp Mall. What a coincident, I went there for lunch.

What I wore:
Retro dress bought from Amcorp Mall
Massimo Dutti belt
Avon pearl necklace
Pearl earings bought from Amcorp Mall
Nose pump heels, changed to Mum's clogs when I went out
Casio watch
Avon bag

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