Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Outside

I finally had someone took these lovely pictures for me. Special thanks to my dear friend, Eileen. She was the one who shot the Hawaii Night outfit too. I like the natural light of the sun, it really make the pictures whole lot better. During weekdays, I have difficulties taking pictures by myself and am shy to ask my colleagues help. Oh well, I guess I can only take these beautiful shots during weekend then. Perhaps a home studio would be a great idea. Hmm...

Anyway, I am glad that I had an extra day during the weekend. I got myself occupied by visiting my friend at Subang, Wei Teing's new home and spent time with May after that. Wei Teing has a lovely and humble home. The house was a wreck before that but Wei Teing and husband, Gan had done a great job on the renovation. Wei Teing and Gan prepared a delicious American breakfast for us - May, Alwin, Adeline. How nice!

That's Wei Teing in her new renovated kitchen

What I wore:
Black blouse bought at flea market
Atmosphere floral grey leggings, a gift from Amin
Avon necklace
Casio vintage design watch, a gift from my father
Zara leapord print shawl
Steve Madden sunglasses
Avon black bag
Gold owl ring bought at flea market
Earings bought online boutique
Mum's clogs

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