Monday, November 26, 2012

Flower Power

Sorry for a pretty late post, been busy with work. Anyway, here's a quick post.

Oh man I seriously look a little chubby here. But I like the top and the pencil skirt. Hmm... Probably it's because I pull my hair back, or the clothes are simply tight. Haha!

What I wore:
Flower Top bought from one of the boutiques in Tropicana City Mall
Dark green skirt bought from Gurney Plaza
Orange Zara belt
Vintage earings bought from Amcorp Mall flea market
Avon men's watch
Avon necklace
Assorted bracelet - Massimo Dutti & Diva
Stephanie strappy wedge (bought the same pair with ROKH, one of the most expensive shoes we ever bought, I rememered how I convinced her to buy it, I am such a bad influence when it comes to shopping.)

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