Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Belong To The Hippie World... Who’s With Me??!

Gladiator Flats – Both from Grendha
Car – Pak Pak Wat Wat

Before I fell for them, I always wonder why people love them so much. I guess now I know why - because they rock your world!!!

They go very well with any leggings.

I dedicate this post to a loyal friend. Jo Vin, Happy Birthday and Thank You!

Miss Head Over Heel


  1. And they're super comfy. I don't care what the naysayers say. I can't part with my glads. : )

  2. Yes, I still wear my glads a LOT too:)

    Great buys, dear!

  3. News on Daily-Women, the blog of two french Olivia & Mariam, come on :)
    Have a good day!

  4. These are actually quite nice! Better than the "overly done" sandals that I saw all over NYC this summer!

    However, I do have a nice pair for mens!

    Best regards,


  5. cute shoes, they would look good with leggings!

  6. Hahah, cool how you always find an odd spot to showcase your shoes :D

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  8. oh yes!!
    I love gladiators!!!

  9. bryna: thanks!

    Kristin: Hi, Kristin. I totally agree.

    Sher: Thanks, dear.

    TAILORED SOCIETY: Yeah, some are too "cool" for me. And most of them are harder to wear, these are OK.

    Pierrot le Fou: I wear them with leggings all the time. :)

    Flashes of Style: Thanks. Please drop by again.

    Jenny: Me too. :)

  10. Cute sandals! I like the gold pair better.


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