Monday, October 19, 2009

Golden Butterflies

Gold Heels - NYC

Wedding bells!!! Can you hear them? I’m not getting marry but my friend and cousin are (I’m married with my heels). I wore this pair in Yee Ling’s wedding (I’ve never seen YL with so much make-up on and she’s pretty) with a LBD. Brenda (a new bride & a dear friend of mine) who was sitting beside me at the dinner table saw my heels. Her roughly said words were “This pair would be perfect for my wedding!” She took a few shots of the heels and plans to buy them for her wedding. Too bad, they were sold off.

I’m so proud of you, butterflies. You shine wonderfully in occasions like this.

Am I talking to my heels? I'm nuts! Oh G, thank you for the lovely flowers.


Miss Head Over Heel


  1. Those are adorable!!! Fabulous wedding shoes!!!

  2. They are very sexy shoes, great post!
    Hope the wedding goes well!

  3. So Nice heelss i LOVE itt!! =;-D

    visit my blog!


  4. These shoes are stunning! another thing to add to more wish list.
    thank you for your comments!
    i will be following..
    stay in touch.
    Lola xx

  5. They're pretty, I think they make perfect wedding shoes!

  6. Thanks so much for following my blog!

  7. Gorgeous shoes!! Perfect for fancy occasions!xxooxoxo


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