Friday, January 15, 2010

Not Too Late... I Hope...

I know Christmas is over but I just have to share the Christmas shopping I did with my Friend, Eileen. It was an ordinary day until Eileen called and asked me out to stroll down to a Flea Market at one of the shopping malls nearby. The Flea Market usually have like 30 over stalls but because of Christmas, there are 16 stalls specially selected for the festive season. Of all 16 stalls, I'd only interested in 1 stall which sells accessories, beautiful accessories. I think I spent like almost an hour at the stall. It's really hard to decide when you have so many beautiful choices of necklace, ear-rings, rings etc. Here they are...

Mini Hat, a fantastic Head Gear - Mine
Feather Head Band - Eileen's

We had a Welcome Back/ Farewell party for Linds, a friend who's currently working at the UK. The theme was Lady Marmalade. So, these Head Gears served us well that great night.

I was trying it on and I got all excited in the restaurant that we stopped by for a break.

Eileen's Head Band. If she's not buying it, I will!

My 1st elephant necklace
My shoe, kind of signify ME!!

Eileen actually modify the necklace abit according to her taste. I like it.

Eileen's first buy, a Dragonfly necklace

I bought this for my colleague, Adeline. I was her secret Santa. :) I really hope she likes it. I took like half an hour to decide which to pick for her.

My 1st feather ear-rings. Are they awesome or what?

My 2nd elephant necklace.

Close look at it.

My octopus ring!!! Super cool!

The back.

I looove this. My wings ring, symbolizes freedom.

Gothic yet religious. Mine.

My 2nd feather ear-rings. Nice!! Peacock style.
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  1. Oh wow, I love all the accessories! Which flea market did you go to? The octopus ring and elephant necklaces are my favourite:)

    And wishing you a belated Christmas and happy new year too!


  2. Love the dragonfly necklace!!

    p.s enter my jewelry giveaway!!

  3. Your jewellery has got us all envious! The key and wing necklace is a favourite. B-e-a-t-i-f-u-l!

    Check out our blog:
    x x


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